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What type of Truffle to buy?

To the question: should one prefer a fresh truffle to one that is preserved even in the finest form, the answer is definitely yes!

The fresh truffle when it has come to maturity (mid-December, to mid-March) is a reservoir of aromas. It emits odors for several days.

However, out of season, or when fresh truffles cannot be had, preserved ones can certainly be used.

At this level, one should know the product that is being bought and how it has been sterilized. In fact one should keep in mind that numerous packaging companies sterilize the truffles twice before they are packaged for sale. This process is used in order to extract the juice. The juice is then sold separately, but the truffle is sterilized twice. These preserves are then referred to as "second boiling". After this kind of processing , it is useless to try to find the real aroma of a fresh truffle.


French legislation now allows under the name of "truffle" for the Tuber Melanosporum, and the Tuber brumale to be preserved in this way, although they are naturally of different quality.. It is therefore very important as the consumer, to look for the name Tuber Melanosporum on the bottle or can, and the phrase "first boiling".

For your guarantee of quality, the appellation "Truffe de Tricastin" requires a sterilization in the first boiling, and only with its Melanosporum.

Installed in the heart of the Tricastin region, near the Richerenches truffle market, and in the middle of truffle orchards, we guarantee that the company "Le Caveur" carries authentic Melanosporum preserved with the first boiling.

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